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E-conomic shipping API


We have just (almost) completed an integration between Ecwid & E-conomic. It works very well, except one problem: Shipping costs.. Our developers say that the E-conomic API does not include shipping costs.. It has to be entered manually as a "product"..Is this correct?

A little bit frustrating, after spending $$ on an integration..



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Hello Halvor

Can you please specify the problem with shipping costs? What kind of integration do you have? Does it send sales data to e-conomic or is it cost related data?

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It is a webshop integration. Ecwid-Economic.

All sales in Ecwid are created perfectly as invoices in Economic. Products and customers are transferred one time each day. Invoices are created one time each day as well. Like magic :-)

Only problem is that when a sale requires shipping, the shipping costs are not possible to create in E-conomic, according to our developers. Ecwid API supports this, but not E-conomic API.

They told us we most probably would have to create this manually. But then the integration is useless for us.

Please tell us that there is a "walkaround" for this. Must be other webshop integrations with the same issue.
besvart 28 Feb, 2013 Spørsmål av HH260279
Hi Halvor

I know other webshops that adds the shipping cost as a product line on the invoice.

Create "shipping" as a product in e-conomic, and then the webshop can add the actual shipping fee as the amount on this product line.

Yes, you have to create one product manually, but there's no need for manual work on every invoice.

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